Many people already know the importance of drinking water. But only a few people know when is the best time to drink water. The following content will reveal the answer for you.

6:30 am

You wake up at this time already dehydrated because you don’t drink while you’re sleeping. Having a glass of water now can help to detoxify your kidney and liver.

8:30 am

From getting up to the office in the morning, the time is always very tight, the mood is also tense, the body will be dehydrated invisibly, so when you get to the office, don’t rush to make coffee and give yourself a cup of water at least 250ml.

11:00 am

After working in the air-conditioned room for a period of time, you must give yourself the third glass of water in the day when you get up and move to replenish the lost water, which helps to relax the tension at work!

12:50 pm

Half an hour after lunch, drink some water to strengthen the digestive function of the body.

15:00 pm

Replace refreshing drinks such as afternoon tea and coffee with a cup of healthy mineral water!

17:30 pm

Before leaving the office after get off work, drink another glass of water to increase the feeling of fullness. When you have dinner later, you will naturally not overeat.

22:00 pm  

You should have a sip or two before your bedtime, but don’t drink too much. Or you’ll have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and that will disturb your sleep.

Drinking water in the morning is good for you. Just don’t drink too much at night before going to bed.

Here are the best times to drink (and not drink) in your daily life to maximize the benefits of water and gain all the health benefits it can provide.

Do: Drink Water When You Wake Up

Drinking a cup of water after getting up in the morning can clean the stomach and intestines, stimulate and promote gastrointestinal activities, and enhance digestive function.

Do: Sip A Little Salty Water After Exercising

Do: Drink More Water When You Are Ill

It is recommended to the patients should drink plenty of boiled water, which can not only supplement the water consumed by diseases (fever, vomiting, etc.), but also promote the elimination of germs from the body.

DON’T: Drink Too Hot and Too Cold Water

Drinking hot water will damage the oral cavity and esophageal mucosa, and over time, it is easy to cause oral cancer and esophageal cancer. Drinking water that is too cold for a long time can damage gastrointestinal function.

DON’T: Drink Too Much Before You Eat

A large amount of water before meals will dilute gastric juice, increase gastrointestinal burden, affect appetite and digestive ability.

Don’t: Drink Plenty of Water Before Going to Bed

Drinking plenty of water before going to bed can increase the frequency of urination and affect sleep.

DON’T: Drink the Boiled Water Several Days Ago and Reboiling Water

These two kinds of boiled water contain nitrite and some trace elements increase, after drinking will have side effects on the human body. It is best to boil water about 5 ~ 10 minutes for appropriate at home, then put the water in a thermos bottle with good insulation performance and replaced it every day.

Excessive control of water intake before going to bed is likely to cause insufficient water in the blood and cause the risk of cerebral infarction or myocardial infarction. Especially the elderly should be more careful. Many elderly people who have frequent urination on weekdays are supposed to try not to drink water as much as possible before going to bed in winter. If you don’t drink water between the dinner and breakfast the next day, your blood will not be hydrated enough which can lead to blood clotting.

If you analyze the important causes of death for the elderly such as heart disease and brain disease before and after getting up, myocardial infarction usually happens within two or three hours after getting up. Cerebral infarction is fast in the morning. It is most likely to happen before or just after getting up. The causes of these two types of diseases are that the blood concentration is too high, causing thrombosis and blocking blood vessels.

It is not suitable to drink tea before going to bed. In order to prevent brain and myocardial infarction, you must add water before going to bed. It is recommended to drink beverages or water that are easily absorbed by the body. As for the general elderly people are used to drinking tea because of its diuretic effect. Drinking tea will discharge more moisture and have counterproductive effects, so it is not suitable for drinking before going to bed.

The doctor also recommends that the elderly should put a bottle of water at the bedside and replenish hydration after going to the toilet. Not only when sleeping, but also before taking a bath where water is easy to lose. It is best to drink a glass of water first to avoid the body  dehydration due to a long bathing.

High chance of rescue and timely recovery. Myocardial infarction refers to a heart disease in which part of the myocardium is dead. The cause is that the coronary arteries cannot supply the myocardium with sufficient oxygenated blood. Myocardial infarction is mild, resembling angina pectoris, with rapid heartbeat, lower blood pressure, and difficulty breathing. Myocardial infarction usually occurs within two hours after waking up. If the patient is sent to the hospital for treatment immediately, the chances of rescue and recovery are higher.

For people who do not have the habit of drinking water before going to bed, medical experts warn:

Before going to bed or taking a bath, there is a large amount of water loss, and people who have developed the habit of not eating or drinking before going to bed are likely to cause insufficient water in the blood, which may cause cerebral infarction or myocardial infarction.

People still consume about one to two cups of water during sleep. From after dinner to before getting up the next morning, if you don’t add water, you are most likely to have blood clots when you wake up the next morning or when it’s dawn. Blocked, causing heart disease and brain disease.

Some people like to take a bath before going to bed and take a clean bath before going to bed, but they are most likely to lose water when taking a bath. Therefore, the doctor recommends that it is best to replenish water immediately after bathing. If you have the habit of bathing, You should drink a large glass of water before taking a bath, so as not to stay in the bathroom for too long, and to lose too much water, and the light people will have difficulty breathing and shock.

In summer, you can sleep better with air-conditioning, but the air-conditioning can prevent moisture and dryness, and it will cause the water loss. Therefore, people who have the habit of sleeping with air-conditioning should drink water before going to bed instead of tea. Because the doctor said, tea has a diuretic effect and will discharge more water than drink. Even if the person who does not enjoy the refreshing effect of caffeine is not suitable for drinking tea before going to bed.

The medical profession discovered that the mouth-to-mouth method is used to drink mineral water. If a small amount of pseudomonas aeruginosa in the mouth just enters the bottle, the bottle will become a bacterial culture medium. After 12 hours, the bacterial count is enough to cause a throat pain! Because of the concern that the mineral water will be unsalable after the announcement, manufacturers are afraid to announce the fact. However the medical professors still advise not to touch the bottle mouth when drinking mineral water!

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