Many women sweat when they practice yoga, so you should drink the right amount of water after yoga to complement moisture. Drinking water after yoga is also a problem worth discussing, so what time and what kind of water can you drink after the yoga? In general, after practicing yoga, you will feel thirsty and want to drink water, which is a very common phenomenon. However, the key is that you can’t drink water immediately after yoga, so how long can you drink water after yoga? Let’s take a look at the detailed information below!

Can we drink much water right after yoga exercise?

You shouldn’t drink water right after yoga. You should wait at least half an hour before drinking. And after yoga also do not drink excessive water and 200 milliliters of water is the best intake capacity. You can limit your intake by preparing a 500ml water bottle before starting your yoga sessions. However, you can drink water before you exercise, because your body loses a lot of water during the exercise, so you need to drink water in advance to ensure that your body is hydrated in time. In the process of exercise, the blood circulation speed of the human body is accelerated, the metabolism is also accelerated, so the body will need more water moisture.

What time can we drink after yoga practice?

Don’t drink water right after yoga. It’s best to drink water half an hour to an hour after yoga. Complex yoga poses, for example, may use up most of the body’s calories, which will also make the body less hydrated. It is recommended to rest for a few minutes after each of these yoga poses and then rehydrate with a large amount of water. This is much more effective than drinking water straight after the yoga poses. Because at the end of the yoga practice, the body just after the movement, the body can not react in time. If drink water immediately at this time will cause the stomach to expand, interfere with the diaphragm activity and affect breathing. At the same time, it can also lead to reduced gastric acid concentration and affect the digestive function and other situations, seriously it can also lead to abdominal pain.

The Disadvantages of Drinking Water Immediately After Yoga Exercise

After practicing yoga, it is not appropriate to drink water immediately which will have some adverse effects:

  1. It will aggravate the gastrointestinal burden.

After yoga practice ends, stomach is in the state that relaxes because the body just had the movement. If you drink water immediately or drink a lot of water will cause the stomach to expand, increase the burden of the stomach, but also interfere with the diaphragm activity and affect breathing.

  1. It can affect digestive function.

Drinking water immediately after yoga can also lead to a decrease in the concentration of stomach acid, which can affect the body’s digestive function.

  1. It puts a strain on the heart.

Since the heart activity is still very intense after exercise, if you drink a lot of water at this time will increase the amount of blood circulating, thus increasing the burden on the heart.

The Right Way to Drink Water After Yoga Workout

  1. Drink water after yoga after half an hour.

Just like the information above, it is unfavorable to drink water immediately after yoga. You would better to drink water after half an hour or it can aggravate stomach burden and affect digestive function.

  1. Don’t drink too much water after yoga exercise.

You are supposed to drink water after yoga in half an hour and also not drink too much water which is advisable with the capacity of 200 milliliter. Because drinking a lot of water after exercise will cause the stomach to expand, hinder the diaphragm activity and affect breathing. At the same time, it will also reduce the concentration of gastric acid and affect digestive function. In addition, the heart activity after exercise is still very intense, drinking a lot of water will increase the amount of blood circulating, thus aggravating the burden on the heart.

  1. Drink warm water after yoga exercise

If want to drink water after yoga, you should choose warm water. You should not drink cold water or ice water, lest cause muscle convulsion. Moreover, drinking warm water can be better absorbed by the cells to achieve the purpose of rehydration.

  1. Drink an appropriate amount of sports drinks after yoga exercise.

In view of the fitness, you can choose to drink a moderate amount of sports drinks after yoga, which can help to supplement glucose to promote muscle recovery, but also help quench thirst. Of course, it should be noted that sports drinking can not drink too much, otherwise it is easy to make people fat.

Yoga can also make people look and feel great. Drinking water after a few minutes of rest will help the body absorb water more quickly, which will restore normal blood circulation and metabolism, thus making your body healthier. After reading the above introduction, I hope you can grasp the common sense in yoga and drinking.

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