Drinking water is something that everyone needs to do every day. Just a little bit of water can be a great way to improve your life happiness. Many people think that vacuum insulation water bottle is only useful in autumn and winter, but in fact, a good water bottle can play a great role all the year round. In hot summer, it is your small refrigerator. You can drink cold Coke, cold coffee, cold soda and cold beer immediately after opening the lid of your bottle and feel the pleasure of cool through your stomach at any time. In autumn and winter, the vacuum insulation water bottle can provide you a cup of hot tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, and you’re energized again.

However, the current situation is that the vacuum insulation bottles on the market are uneven in quality and the prices vary greatly. Although the stainless steel bottles are just small objects, that would be unfortunate if you choose the bad water bottle. Let alone whether the vacuum insulation bottles can keep the heat for a long time and whether the sealing is good or not, which are the basic things that everyone is most concerned about, they are not good to use at most. However, if you purchase a water bottle containing harmful elements to human health, it is really not worth the loss. So today I’m going to tell you how to choose a safe and practical vacuum insulation stainless steel water bottle.

There are four main factors that determine a good or bad vacuum insulation water bottle: insulation effect, lid design, durability and safety.

Insulation Effect: Vacuum Sealed

The principle of insulation vacuum bottle is not complicated. The vacuum is formed between the inner layer and the outer layer of the insulation flask. The vacuum does not conduct heat, so the heat will always remain at the original temperature and the heat will be emitted very slowly. The tight stopper prevents air from entering or leaving the flask, so convection isn’t possible either. But there are many gaps in the connection between the bottle mouth and the bottle lid, which leads to the most serious leakage of the temperature of the vacuum bottle. In fact, the bottle body technology of each big brand water bottle sealers is almost the same, and the difference in thermal insulation performance lies in the thread seam treatment of the bottle mouth and the design of the mouth lid. The higher the airtightness here, the better the vacuum insulation effect.

Lid Design: Convenient and BPA Free

At present, according to the type of bottle mouth, it can be divided into screw-open type and non-screw-open type, among which screw-open type is also divided into pressed type, pop-up type and rotary type. And for the non-screw-open bottle, a professional bottle opening design is used to effectively avoid the screw bottle leakage temperature problem. Polypropylene is the safest plastic material. It’s the only plastic that can be heated in the microwave. Therefore, when we choose a vacuum insulation cup, we should choose PP and BPA free as the best material to make the vacuum bottle lid. Each big water bottle brand also has PP material sports cup or children’s cup.

Durability: Dismountable and washable

Because we need to drink water every day, we should ensure that the water bottle is clean enough to avoid residual stains that will cause water pollution and affect our health. Mainstream the design of screw thread on the market of screw-type lid is more complex, there are a lot of small gap and these places are prone to dirt and residue, and it is very hard to dismantle clean inside the lid if your operation is not good, it will have to break the vacuum effect of the water bottle, so it is very critical to choose a vacuum flask dismountable and washable.

Safety: High Quality Stainless Steel

At present, the material of the inner body of the insulation bottles is mostly 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel, which are the two mainstream materials adopted by famous water bottle brands.

304 Stainless Steel:

All kinds of mechanical properties are relatively excellent, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, widely used in the food industry, the iron tableware in your home is basically 304 stainless steel which is the most widely used as stainless heat resistant steel.

316 stainless steel:

Its performance is better than 304 stainless steel. Its acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance ability is also stronger than #304 which is widely used in medical equipment.

In general, 304 stainless steeled water bottles are enough for daily life to ensure the health of our drinking water.

Once you know the criteria for a good vacuum insulation bottle, let us take a look at the bottles from SIMPLE FLASK. Let me tell you what makes it unique:

  1. Advanced Lid Sealing Technology

SIMPLE FLASK vacuum insulation bottles use a double layer of silicone to hold the bottle against the top to seal the liquid inside the insulation layer, creating a vacuum seal on the top of the cup for better insulation. SIMPLE FLASK lid has strong heat and cold preservation effect, and also the unique way of lid opening can effectively avoid liquid seepage and make the lid opening more easily. If the bottle lid can not be screwed tightly and not strong enough in air tightness when it is filled with water, which leads to the leakage of the temperature of the water bottle. And it will be very difficult to handle with when the water leaks out in your bag.

  1. Durable and Portable

As a personal item, we usually carry a water bottle with us. When we carry it with us, it may fall on the ground especially if we are workers who often stay outdoors or we have naughty children. SIMPLE FLASK’s water bottles have been a hit in recent years, staying near the top of the list thanks to their double walled and vacuum insulated design, durable stainless steel and interesting variety of colors. The insulated bottle is strong enough to drop into a bag, but it will also survive in your regular use. And the vacuum insulated bottles don’t condense on the mouth of the bottle, so when you drink, the outside of your bottle will stay dry. The elastic silicone inside SIMPLE FLASK’s lid fits the bottle perfectly, so no matter how you drop it, it won’t leak as long as the lid isn’t broken, which locks the heat or cold temperature in the bottle.

  1. BPA Free Material

The core aim of buying the vacuum insulation water bottle is drinking water safely. Even if the heat preservation performance, convenience and fastness is very good, but using poor materials may lead to water pollution which is a ticking time bomb of our healthy. So, it is very important for the vacuum insulation materials and avoid the water pollution in use process. SIMPLE FLASK insists on choose the food grade 304 stainless steel as the material of the water bottle. It is well known that 304 stainless steel is widely used in the tableware field of our life, so the safety is reliable enough.

We should pay more attention to our health in this era of serious overtime work and irregular rest. A good vacuum insulation flask can boost your happiness while also providing you with a little guarantee of a healthy life. SIMPLE FLASK’s vacuum insulation stainless steel flask can be your first choice to trust in.

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