Have you considered camping in your backyard during the coronavirus pandemic days? No matter how old you are, camping in the backyard is fun enough for everyone. Campfires, hot dogs and marshmallows are baking, and stars are twinkling overhead… It does sound really relaxing and you don’t have to trek through the woods to enjoy the peaceful views. All you need is your own backyard and the right equipment. Not only does it keep the kids entertained, it’s a great way to look up at the night sky, and it can make life even more lively for you and your guests than usual. All you need is a tent, sleeping bag, warm clothes, snacks, a campfire and some fun activities.

Although camping in your yard requires very little planning and preparation compared to regular camping outside, you still need to do some preparatory work to make the “trip” a success. To keep the night fun and hopefully bring your preschoolers on an even more advanced camping trip in the future, try to prepare these backyard camping essentials:

  1. Tents

Choosing a quality tent is bound to be the first choice for camping. It must be a tent that you actually want to camp in which can protect you from rain, bugs, and wind. Usually, you can choose the size and number of tents according to the number of family members and guests. If you need more than one, ask your friend to bring his tent as well to reduce the cost. When camping out in the backyard, choose a tent that is easy to set up so you don’t have to put too much effort into setting up a place to eat and rest outside quickly. If you are not familiar with camping, please assemble the tent according to the instructions and be sure to keep it safe.

  1. Sleeping Mat/Bag

Camping is not as comfortable as sleeping in a bed! People often feel tired after a bad night’s sleep, and sleeping mats are a major factor of improving your sleeping level when you are camping! You can place soft items on the floor such as camping beds, air mattresses, yoga mats, towels, heavy comforters, and even couch cushions. You can also choose a sleeping bag. While many chemical fiber bags are heavier, they’re much cheaper than the mats, and the temperature of the bags is around 0 degrees Celsius which is good for keeping you warm! In the hot summer days, you also can use simple blanket to save space of your tent. You can also throw some plush toys or stuffed animals to your children’s sleeping mats. Of course, you should place some flashlights, lanterns or glow sticks in each tent. You can also set up card or board games in case the weather gets cold and you get bored.

  1. Vacuum Insulation Water Bottles

There must be nothing more comforting than a hot or cold drink in the outside. Some of the cups or bottles in your home are made of ceramic or glass, which are easily broken and not suitable for taking out when camping. If you want a water bottle for camping, you can choose a lightweight, durable and vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle. Simple Flask is a leading water bottle company in the field of designing thoughtful stainless steel products such as water bottles, tumblers, flasks, coffee cups, travel mugs, coffee pots, wine bottles, food containers, beer growlers and other vacuum insulation stainless steel containers, aiming at bringing more comfort to your daily life. Simple Flask’s Travel Tumblers are well known in the market and very suitable for camping activities. With the advanced appearance level and functionality, they are the perfect companion for traveling, camping, and staying at home. The excellent performance of keeping your water hot or cold for 12 hours provides you with the most comfortable drinking experience no matter in any time.

  1. Delicious Camping Food

Of course, you can make something fresh in the kitchen and take it outside, but if you cook the food outside, it will give you a more interesting and realistic experience. However, when you’re cooking on your backyard camping trip, you are supposed to be careful to keep your preschoolers away from the fire and hot water. Besides, you can prepare something in advance and even order some pizza, pasta, fried chicken and hot dogs. If you’re with a lot of people, pizza can be a good choice for sharing. Pack bags of chips or other snacks, as well as a variety of drinks with ice are all good companion of the camping time. If you’re afraid that your ice cola coke won’t stay cold for a long time, you can also try buying a stainless steel can cooler, which will enkindle enthusiasm of the outdoor party by serving drinks kept in optimal temperatures.

  1. Tables and Chairs

If you have a picnic table or a terrace that would be the best option. Otherwise, you can set up lawn chairs and a small table for drinks and food. While it’s not a must, it’s also less likely to upset things on the table and adds convenience in the camping. The common camping table on the market can also adjust the height which is convenient for different groups of people to use. At night, a few friends sit together and chat all night without a chair which is easy to get a backache. However, chair is very important at this time! A low-cost option for you is to spread a blanket under the sun so your friends can take a relax, eat and chat freely.

  1. Set an Area for Your Pets

Before setting up your pet area, get the blanket clean to prevent your dog from getting sick and keep them away from fleas and bacteria or other irritants that can ruin your camping experience. Especially in the summer, you are supposed to check your dog regularly for signs of dehydration or heat stroke throughout the camp, and keep your dog hydrated at all times. It is important that make sure your dog drink from a clean container. You can prepare a double wall insulated pet bowl for your lovely dog or cat to keep food or water cold for hours. Ant the pet bowl should be BPA free and rust proof to make sure your pets have a good time in the camping too.

Backyard camping is a fun, stress-free, low-risk and low-cost relax way for families and friends to stay together. Even if it’s just at your back door, everything will be more interesting like the outside world. When you’re on vacation, these camping prep items will also make your stay more real. Do you have any other good ideas for backyard camping?

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